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The Catalog of Reminiscence

Here is the mirror site of The Catalog of Reminiscence.
I made this page for foreigner who wants to know about Japanese vintage bicycle. I greatly appreciate Mr. Gami who is the author of the website The Catalog of Reminiscence, since he allowed me to translate his atractive contents of the website The Invitation for Cycling. Please note that I'm not a expert of English, rather my score in the school was miserable. However, I always think that better than nothing.
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The Catalog of Reminiscence
I introduce many old catalogs of sports bicycle and parts with the focus on Japan products. Most of them were collected round middle of 1970s that I started this hobby of sports bicycl. Therefore the genre might be biased a little. However, I'll be happy if you can enjoy with them.
I'm very sorry now because I discarded some of catalogs in past.

Dear Visiter
Thank you for visiting my website. I exibit lots of precious catalog which were offered by many people other than I personaly collected. Many catlogs pile up on my hand, because I can not find enough time to update this page. I will try to add the new catalogs.

Katakura Silk Industry
Katakura Silk was sober brand. But it had been geting the good estimation as sports bicycle. It had been used for the Keirin racing which began after the World War II and it had been used by Japanese Olympic team continuously since Helsinki game. My first custom bicycle was a Silk road bicycle.
The sports bicycle of Silk was made steadily and was equipped with appropriate parts component. It had been the top grade as the mass-production sports bicycle during the beginning of 80s to the 70s.
Because of the high exchange rate of Japanese currency due to Plaza agreement at IMF, and the rise of Taipei and US bicycle industries in the world market, Japanese bicycle industries rapidly lost its competitive ability. Katakura bicycle industry incorporated with Sanwa bicycle group; then closed the business in the end of 90s.
Ex-mechanic of Katakura bicycle industry had established Silk bicycle factory and has made attractive bicycle as the Silk brand now.

Part 01: Katakura Silk R2 road racing bicycle

Part 02: Katakura Silk-camping and Perfect-quick

Part 03: Katakura Silk Perfect quick mini (ladies)

Part 04: Katakura Silk General Catalog in 1976

Part 36: Katakura Silk Custom made frame in 1976

Part 40: Katakura Silk Professional sports in 1979

Part 64: Katakura Silk sports cycle in 1983

Part 65: Katakura Silk sports cycle in 1986

Part 100: Katakura Silk in 1974

Bridgestone Bicycle Industry

Bridgestone has been the top brand as a general bicycle maker in Japan until now. Therefore the brand is familiar among most of the cyclists. Bridgestone has been suffering from competition with Chinese reasonable bicycles since Plaze Agreement at IMF However, I always respect for their aggressive, new proposal as a top maker.
At here, I would like to introduce several kinds of model such as Grand-Velo which became a topic when it was announced, Eurasia which fascinate a number of beginner cyclists in the bicycle world, Atlantis which attracted senior bicycle fan due to its special frame works which was almost same as custom bicycle, and Road Man which guided many boys who graduated junior sport bicycle to drop handlebar bicycle. I could feel eagerness of professional cyclist in the plan of sports bicycle and original parts.
In the middle of 70s, Bridgestone had suggested the ultimate randonneur, although it didn't be put on the market.

Part 71: Bridgestone Eurasia in 1976

Part 57: Bridgestone Eurasia in 1977

Part 74: Bridgestone Eurasia in 1978

Part 49: Bridgestone Eurasia in 1979

Part 07: Bridgestone Grand Velo in 1975

Part 39: Bridgestone Atlantis and Eurasia in 1982

Part 75: Bridgestone Road Man in 1981

BS Ultimate Randonneur Grand-velo

Part 93: Bridgestone Diamond and Super-Speed

Part 103: Bridgestone Roadman in 1974

Part 117: Bridgestone in 1972 (for exportation in English version)

Mass-Production Maker
I would like to introduce several mass-production bicycles by ending 1960s such as Bennix which attracted tremendous interest at the time of release, Miyata Eddy Merckx which made the contract with the top bicycle athlete, Peugeot which was inported by Yamaha and Honda, Japan-America Fuji, and Sunstar.

Part 28: General bicycle which made in Japan in 1967

Part 05: Marubeni Yamaguchi Bennix in 1973

Part 08: Miyata Eddy Merckx in 1973

Part 111: Miyata in 1977

Part 91: Kofu bicycle in 1968

Part 45: The Miyata in 1978

Part 67: Japan-America Fuji bicycle in around 1960

Part 50: Sunstar bicycle in 1950

Part 105: Tsunoda in 1980

Custom Frame Brand
Custom bicycle was admire and ultimate dream for boys who rode mass-production bicycle in those days.
There must have been lots of boy who were dreaming that he would ride a custom bicycle someday, and who wrote parts component and frame plan on the notebook during school hours. THere had be boys who have stood in front of the bicycle shop, gazed custom bicycle of veteran cyclist and high grade parts which was in the showcase.

1. Everest

Part 56: Everest in 1950s

Part 09: Everest in 1974

Part 06: Everest in 1977

Part 46: Everest esprit in 1977

2. Alps

Part 58: Alps in 1964

Part 12: Alps in 1960s

Part 109: Alps Quick Ace in 197?

3. Toei

Part 50: Toei in 1965

Part 18: Toei in 1969

Part 113: Toei in 1960s

Part 21: Toei in 1978

4. Tokyo Cycling Center

Part 19: Tokyo cycling center in 1964

Part 20: Tokyo cycling center in 1969

Part 112: Tokyo Cicycling Center in 1963

5. Holks

Part 76: Holks R series in 1964

Part 15: Holks in 1965

6. Konno Workshop

Part 22: Konno workshop (Cherubim) in 1970s

Part 88: Konno workshop (Cherubim) in 1980s

Part 87: 3-Rensho in 1979

7. Others

Part 17: De Rosa on 1974, Nagasawa in 1978

Part 86: Joto Ringyo WanderVogel in 1964

Part 23: Zunow factory in 1974

Japanese Parts Industry
I exhibit the catalogs of several Japanese parts makers in 1960s-early 1990s such as two big brothers (Suntour and Shimano), and other small specialized makers. Those are basically the catalogs that I used for myself in past. Therefore I must say those were collected according to my taste.
However, you would be able to feel the mood of the domestic parts industry which were in the times of the prosperity.
I'm very sorry about the disappearance of Suntour.

1. Suntour

Part 10: Suntour in 1975

Part 96: Suntour in 1979

Part 59: Suntour BL in 1981

Part 11: Suntour in 1982

Part 72: Suntour in 1983

Part 102: Suntour original items in 1983

Part 81: Suntour in 1985

Part 32: Suntour in 1988

Part 78: Suntour in 1990

Part 24: Suntour in 1991

Part 107: Suntour in 1992

2. Shimano

Part 60: Shimano Dura-Ace /A4 two-page version

Part 79: Shimano Dura-Ace /details version

Part 80: Shimano in 1974

Part 13: Shimano in 1976

Part 47: Shimano in 1982

Part 61: Shimano in 1994

Part 90: Shimano Dura-ace AX and 600 AX in 1981

3. Sugino

Part 63: Sugino Engineering in 1965

Part 29: Sugino Engineering in 1973

Part 30: Sugino Engineering in 1978

Part 48: Sugino Techno in 1982

Part 104: Sugino Techno in 1995

4. Sakae

Part 25: Sakae Ringyo in 1980

5. Yoshigai Kikai Kinzoku

Part 99: Dia-Compe cantilever brake

Part 85: Yoshigai Kikai Kinzoku in 1964

Part 37: Yoshigai Kikai Kinzoku in 1986

Part 27: Yoshigai Kikai Kinzoku in 1994

Part 99: Dia-Compe cantilever brake

6. Nitto

Part 26: Nitto handle in 1980

Part 101: Nitto handle in 1989

7. Araya Industrial

Part 31: Araya Industrial in 1978

Part 34: Araya Industrial in 1993

8. Others

Part 77: Fujita Saddle MFG in 1965

Part 89: Sansin Matsumoto Factory in 1981

Part 108: Sansin Giken in 1988

Part 43: Inujirushi bag in 1970s

Part 73: Sankosya in 1960s

Part 66: JASCA in 1964

Part 116: JASCA Sries III 1966

Part 106: Sankosha Procyon in 1967

Japanese Frame Tube Industry
I exhibit catalogs of two major tube makers of those days such as Ishiwata and Tange . I also exhibit the catalog of Kaisei which is the only tube maker in Japan now.

Part 38: Ishiwata seisakusho in 1974

Part 33: Tange industries in 1986

Part 62: Kaisei in 2005

The bicycle Indstries of overseas
I don't have many catalogs of the overseas bicycle maker. But I could borrow the catalogs below from friends by their favor.

Part 114: Peugeot by Sannow Sports in 1960s

Part 83: Peugeot in 1973

Part 41: Peugeot in 1974

Part 42: Peugeot in 1982

Part 118: Colnago in 1984

Part 115: Bianchi in 1984

Bicycle Parts Industory of oversea
I don't have many catalogs of the overseas bicycle parts maker. But I could borrow most of the catalogs below from friends by their favor.
I had had some catalogs of French parts in past. But I already sold them together with stocked parts because I liked Japanese parts.

Part 84: Simplex in 1964

Part 51: Simplex in 1965

Part 52: Simplex in 1978

Part 53: TA specialties in 1970s

Part 54: Wolber in 1978

Part 55: 3ttt (tecno tubo torino)in 1978

Part 35: Campagnolo Record in 1987

Part 70: Mafac in 1964

Part 92: Mafac in 1978

Part 94: Zeus in 1977

Part 98: Huret in 1980's

Part 99: Soubitez in 1980's

Part 95: Clement in 1977

I exhibit the catalogs of wholesaler and tool.

Part 14: France Cycles in 1966

Part 16: Sannow Sports in 1960s

Part 110: Sannow Sports in 1965(?)

Part 114: Peugeot by Sannow sports in 1960s

Part 44: Fukaya Sangyo in 1980

Part 69: Joto tool in 1965

Part 82: FET Kyokuto in 1985

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