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The Catalog of Reminiscence

The Invitation for Cycling by Mr.Gami

Part 110: Sannow Sports in 1965 (?)

I would like to introduce the catalogue of Sannow Sports in 1965. The drawing of Frank Patterson is printed on the front page.

Sannow Sports was the traditional shop which was located near the Keio University in Minato ward, produced sport bicycle of original brand such as Eminenza and Santarosa. The shop was also known import source of overseas products. Mr. Nagatoshi Takahashi was a person who enormously contributed for cycling and bicycle competition. He had written a novel which came from his experience of join the army , and reference book of bicycle competition. He had also contributed travelerís journal and essay. I liked his unique sentence.

This catalog introduces the maintenance method, commentary on cycling and wandervogel, not only introduction of sport bicycle, like a guide book for those who begin cycling.

I speculated that the year of publication might be 1965. Since photos of Tokyo Olympic is printed. But Iím not sure.

I didnít put commentary because the catalog is mainly composed of sentence. I also prepared e-book. You have to put up with some advertisement since I used free service. But you can flip each page as if you read real catalog. Of course you can enlarge it.

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