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The Invitation for Cycling by Mr.Gami

Part 39: BS Eurasia and Atrantis in 1982

Eurasia had appeared in 1976. It was announced as an inferior model of Diamond which was high class model of Bridgestone of those days. The front triangle of the frame was made of Cr-Mo. Front fork was made of high-tension steel. There were a lot of optional parts such as carrier (front and rear), flashlight, bag, bottle, brake lever pad, toe clip and strap. Eurasia was sold as "System sports bicycle".
Since then, Eurasia went through a number of model changes or added a new model in the lineup.
Eurasia had made a great epoch of sports bicycle with other mass-production bicycle in same class, and had fascinated young people who were interesting in sports bicycle. I often met a Eurasia bicycle on the road or a youth hostel when I went cycling in those days.

Here are the models in 1982. This is the general catalog of Eurasia and Atlantis. In my opinion, the boom of professional bicycle which was caused by mass-production maker was at its peak in around 1983.
The frame of Atrantis was composed of the continental cut lugs, the lost wax fork crown, and the original forge frame ends. Several kinds of direct-attachment works were done on the frame. And professional tube carrier was attached to the frame.
Except for the detail of finishing touches, it was almost equal to custom made frame. Eurasia Grand was a well-made bicycle as an inferior model of Atlantis.

The catalog was offered by Mr. F. K

This is the front cover. The photo of rural station and conductor's compartment (yo-5000 or yo-6000?) made good atmosphere of Rinko-trip. Eurasia Touring was introduced in the back side of the front page. It seems a typical Japanese randonnerur which was equipped with 650 * 35A (26 * 1-3/8) tires.

These were Diagonales, Sportif, Road-racer and Lady (mixte).
Diagonales was equipped with the triple front rings (18-speed), 700 * 32c wheels, cantilever brakes, and "direct-attached headlight on the front carrier". Diagonales was introduced as a new touring model for the domestic market where the paved road had increased.

The catalog introduced Atlantis through three pages. In comparison with Eurasia, it was composed of high class frame and parts. Beautiful lug work and lost crown were the selling point. The camping model was also prepared because Atlantis was the direct line of Diamond series.

This is the offprint. The table for optional parts and equipments were printed on the front side and the specification was on the back side. Many cycling gears such as carrier, and bag were introduced in it.
As for Atlantis, customer could order frame color. Many kinds of BS original bag were prepared. Those were very useful. I used to buy several bags and six of them are still usable even now.

Here is the table of the skeleton and the specification.

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