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The Invitation for Cycling by Mr.Gami

Part 5: Yamaguchi Bennyx 1975

I introduce Bennyx series which had sold as professional Touring model of European style. Bennyx series was announced as pure sports bicycle which was made by mass-production maker in 1972.
Below was the catalog after refined lineup in 1973. 27 inch fast-riding model and 24 inch junior model were added in the lineup.
I think Bennyx occupied the status of one of the two greatest authorities along with Katakura Silk as pure sports bicycle of mass-production maker.

This is the front cover. A couple who rode S-X101 and S-X501W was waiting a passing train at the railroad crossing. The passenger train which was connected to C11 seems to be like a so-called "old style passenger train" in Japanese.

There is a word "Bikecology Benny Cycle" on the right upper side of the page. There might be the number of people who yearn to this word. This was the combination word of "bike" and "ecology". This word was the slogan of civic movement which had tried to prevent air pollution which was caused by exhaust gas of car in around 1971 in USA.

At first, there were four models in the lineup of Bennyx such as S-X101, S-X102, S-X103, and S-X51.
S-X101 was a Touring model; S-X102 was a Randonneur; and S-X103 was called "federal". Though total image was similar, the parts grade was different. Other than that, the frame of S-X101 and S-X102 were made of Cr-Mo; S-X103 was made of high-tension steel.
Only S-X101 was equip with cantilever brakes, separate type of mad guard, and 32T front inner sprocket (36T for other models). The catalog explained that "this model can be ridden at a steep slope and mountain".
S-X51 which was called "Promenade" was a model for riding in a city. As for the price in the June of 1973, S-X101 was 62,000 yen; S-X102 was 47,000 yen; S-X103 was 39,800 yen; S-X51 was 35,500 yen.

The centerfold was explaining about the detail of the model S-X101. It was remarkable since a front bag, a bottle, a Rinko bag and tools were standard equipments.

Bennyx was produced by Mr. Dazai who was famous as a custom frame builder. We can recognize his character from the head mark and the location of the direct attached wire guide of the rear brake. I don't know precisely how he participated to the production of Bennyx. So it's better to stop referring about him at here.
Anyway I was so fascinated by Bennyx and it had occupied the top of my favorite list.

S-X1027 of the upper side was fast-riding model which was called "Inter-club". It was equipped with 27*1-1/8 tires.
S-X101H of the middle was a different size of S-X101 (560 mm).
S-X824 was a 24 inch junior touring model.

I came to want S-X1027 when I'd happened to see it, though I already bought Maruishi Emperor RE27 before the announcement of S-X1027. So I recommended it to my friend earnestly, had him buy it; then I borrowed it sometimes.
As for the price, S-X1027 was 53,000 yen; S-X101H was 62,000 yen; S-X824 was 34,500 yen.

Here is the model for woman on the backside of the catalog. S-X501W of upper side was introduced as a Touring model as well as model S-X101. However, I could not understand it, because the chain-wheel of the model was single.
The front bag which had patterned cloth was specially made for woman.
As for the price, S-X501W was 47,000 yen, S-X51W was 35,500 yen.

There was no price table in the catalog. This fact didn't mean open-price. But I can say it is an influence of the Oil crisis which occurred with the fourth Middle East War which happened in the October of 1973. This catalog was issued late in 1973; back in those days, the bicycle price began going up because of the Oil crisis. I suppose that's the reason why there were no prices in the catalog.

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