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The recollection of Patterson's House

In 1977, Patterson's House was at Ogikubo Suginami ward Tokyo when I was a student of high school. Back in those days, the shop was opened only Sunday. I suppose Mr. Dazai who was a owner of the shop worked in Marubeni-Yamaguchi Cycle at weekday.
Bennyx which was famous as high grade touring bicycle was designed by Mr. Dazai.

I used to visit to Patterson's House every Sunday to see the bicycles. However, I didn't buy anything at the shop (Patterson's House was not ordinary shop where you buy bicycle parts). I only looked around the shop and listened to a talk of Mr. Dazai, or overheard conversation between Mr. Dazai and his customers.
But I had bought 28 holes 26*1-3/8 wheel set which was produced by Mr. Dazai.
Moreover, he seemed to have designed Trim-line Tire of Mituboshi. He had asked me to be a test rider before it would be announced.

I could see the advertisement of Patterson's house in New Cycling magazine till No. 100. However, advertisement hadn't been issued anymore in those days of my visiting.

In 1978, I ordered my Patterson's House Rundneur because Mr. Dazai had said that he could build a bicycle for me. Its motif was his bicycle. The Photos which I posted at here are his 35B Randoneur bicycle. This bicycle looked like a sample of special frame-works. It was equipped with the 650B tubular wheels (I had heard that the tires were produced for cycle soccer at Czechoslovakia).

As for his bicycle, the wires run through inside of tubes. However, I feared to order it. Since he had said "people who can't take maintenance of bicycle should not use this method" in Cycle sports magazine.
As for the Nurvex continental lugs, he had said to me I selected classic lugs. Because he never copied an old bicycle, but always tried to produce future bicycle.

After that, I enrolled in a university at Nagano prefecture. I had visited at Patterson's House when I was on holiday. But unfortunately the shop already moved to Kawaguchi city Saitama prefecture.

Later, I had heard that Mr. Dazai opened a shop "Bicycle Club". However, I don't know about the detail. He seemed to have passed away in 2009 or 2010.

It's so hard to sell my Patterson's House because of my memory. However, I haven't ridden it a long time. Therefore I decided that it might be better to hand it over to someone who wants to ride it.
Now I've ridden my road-racing bicycle.

There are still lots of episode in my memory. However, I stop around here today.

This was written by Mr. Takagi in Jan 22.2012. I translated his Japanese document. I deeply appreciate to him because of such a great memory. Haystack

To me, TOEI was also one of longed-for bicycle in those days. However, TOEI went to different direction to Mr. Dazai aimed at.
I think TOEI had tried to reproduce a bicycle from the catalog of Rene Herse. But the purpose of Mr. Dazai was at some other direction. And it was a reason why Mr. Dazai made a straight fork later. I supposed he was so advanced bicycle frame builder because he produced the straight fork before present road-racing bicycle which was equipped with it has appeared.
I already have been not able to visit to the shop in those days he produced it. However, I would like to ask him why he has selected such a fork shape if it is possible.

This was written by Mr. Takagi in Jan 23.2012. I translated his Japanese document. Thanks again. Haystack

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