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Nambei frame had won the victory at the 1987 World Championship with Harumi Honda who was a professional Keirin athlete. Therefore Nambei frame is one of three frames in Japan which has the right to use Arc-en-Ciel (rainbow color) stripe which symbolize the World Championship.

Here is the photo of Mr. Honda's NAMBEI with Arc-en-Ciel stripe. (The blog was made by Cycle Works TT. Thanks for the good photos!)

Bicycle shop Nambei was established by Mr. Satoshi Fujii.
Now Mr. Fujii has concentrated to the frame building. As for the shop, Mr. Hiroaki Nagino who was a famous professional Keirin athlete became the head of the shop and Mr. Koji Fujii became a manager.
Mr. Nagino has learned about frame building from Mr. Fujii since 2006, and made Nambei frame with him now.

Mr. Fujii has kept a craftsmanship, doesn't like frivolous bicycle boom in these day, and fake bicycle which was made with cost suppression.

The shop is located at Fukuoka city. I used to visit the shop with friends when I was a junior high students. Since Nambei had some special atmosphere.

The plate explain that Nambei accept several kinds of a frame order such like road-racing bicycle, cross bicycle, sportif, randonneur and city bicycle.
Note: Track racing frame was made for only Keirin athlete.

The left photograph was Peugeot NS40.

The price of the used frame was 80,000 yen.

The left photo was Mr. Nagino, and the right photo was Mr. Koji. Fujii who was a younger brother of Mr. Satoshi. Fujii. They were very kind. I deeply appreciate their kindness.

Sports Cycle Shop NAMBEI
1-18-12 Fujisaki Sawara Ward Fukuoka City
TEL 092-843-6531
Web Site

The T-shirt was made for the Keirin athlete who use NAMBEI frame.

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